Keep your kids off the tracks…

No, it’s not some macabre video, so don’t worry. If I was an old man, I’d probably be muttering “kids these days…”

This commercial was made for Hydro, a Norwegian Aluminum, Oil and Energy firm, and subtitles have been added for all those non-Norwegian-speaking Donline readers. I originally saw it on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (I’m waiting for my friends to criticize me for watching that instead of The Daily Show…Relax, I was just flipping through).

I love how “raw” the video feels. It really adds to the appeal by making it feel like a home movie. Those crafty Norwegians, I tell you what.

By the way, someone from Norway post a comment. I don’t have any Norwegian comments yet, and I want one. And, also, tell me when Norweyan changed to Norwegian and why soldiers are called Kerns

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