Budweiser Swear Jar

X-man had this posted to his Facebook profile and it literally made coffee come out of my nose. In the recent success of daring videos to promote products (including rave reviews on AdRants and Gawker for our own viral video for Charles Bock’s Beautiful Children) , I think Bud hit the nail on the f&#$ing head with this one…

Gawker Article: Unlike the Good Old Days, when the only thing you had to fear from an advertisement was a scary photo of a possessed-looking child, marketers in this modern era have given into the temptation to cuss motherfuckers out. The New York Times uses a surprising amount of non-cuss words to get to the bottom of the trend that is advertisers who purposely put bleeped-out words into their ads. Sometimes they’re real cuss words; other times, they’re mundane things like product names, bleeped out in an attempt to be clever. Fuck that. After the jump, the true balls-to-the-wall prototype of ads that bleep real cuss words: “Swear Jar,” a famous viral Budweiser commercial in which I honestly think the guy in the meeting room says “We’re gonna fuck some ass!” and “We’re gonna suck some big cock!” Still, don’t drink Budweiser.

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