Flash File Uploader v3.3

For those of you using the [d]online Flash File Uploader, a recent blog comment requested that the output directory change the sort method to be alphabetical. The changes from version 3.2 are quite simple, particularly if you have a PHP guru like Mike working for you. Read more

Flash File Uploader – Ïñtèrñàtíðñàl Çhàråçtêrs


A [d]online reader pointed out my ethnocentricity recently, in that the Flash File Uploader, which I’ve offered for free for years, did not include any functionality for retaining accents for international characters.  This has been fixed and re-uploaded in a new .rar file of this project. For your convenience, the link is the same as the last one.

Comments and feedback always welcome. Thanks again, Mike, for the assistance and to [d]online commenter, Gerald, for pointing this to my attention.