Vector Browser Components

I’ve updated this template on my original post, here, to include additional form elements (radio buttons, checkboxes, form and combo box fields) as well as the original vector scrollbars to make it easier to mock-up UIs in Adobe Illustrator.

Download the .AI/.EPS/.PDF (Zip)

Vector Scrollbars

I consistently needed a standard vector scrollbar for the browser in UI/UX mock-ups in Adobe Illustrator as I got tired of creating screenshots and tweaking lengths in Photoshop. If you do, too, grab this zip. It includes the CS4 .AI, .EPS and .PDF version of both the horizontal and vertical scrollbar. You’re welcome. I’m also thinking that someday it might be beneficial to create a vector version of the mouse hand and arrow, though I’m debating whether I should keep the stair-stepping of pixelation at that size, and how best to handle the drop shadows. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know what you think.