AdRants: ERA404 Viral Ad “Hottest of 2008”

This week, AdRants posted their annual “Hottest Ads” of the year, listing ERA404’s viral marketing video for author Charles Bock’s Beautiful Chidren ( as one of this year’s best:
slinkyfoxvideo.jpgWatching this SlinkyFox video will toy with your emotions. First you’ll be wowed by Landie, a girl-next-door hottie who looks like she’s getting ready to shoot a porn video. Then you’ll be skeeved by the sliminess of the director, who intones cheesy, increasingly creepy questions at Landie.

Oddly, you might even marvel at Landie’s acting abilities as she reacts to the director’s pointed questions. But you will most definitely experience surprise when you find out what the whole thing is for.

Some marketers love to test the limits of what’s acceptable and tactics vary widely from country to country. But it’s a safe bet to assume actual porn is something we’re not likely to see very often in advertising. In any country.

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