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That’s right! [d]online now has a new signature. The proprietary typeface, [d]online Medium, designed using Adobe Illustrator and FontLab Studio, was created for headlines, identities, wordmarks, and other instances involving minimal copy and large sizes. It’s the first face I’ve designed, took four solid days and, after my Wacom hand stops throbbing, may be the beginning of a font family. I’m thinking that if reception is good (and so far it has been) then I may develop an Extra-Light, Light, Bold and Black version.

The font includes 300 characters, including 45 accented glyphs and 30 ligatures. Ligatures are where two or more letters combine when used in specific combinations, such as the ffl in waffle and the fi and st in fist, below:

what the crap is a waffle fist?

Note to self: My next step will be to generate the face script for use with Cufón so that I can use it for this site’s headlines the same way we use CityBold for all the headlines in Broadway Video’s news site. Broadway Video’s portfolio site is built in Flash, which embeds fonts. But the news site uses WordPress (just like [d]online!) so Cufón is the only way to go). Be on the look-out for the rest of the [d]online typeface family coming soon!

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  1. Somehow, I was featured on the web site of Luc Devroye of the School of Computer Science at McGill University as an American Type Designer for [d]online:

    He referred to it as a squarish typeface and created an example that says: “sur les genoux de la devineresse,” or “on the lap of the prophetess” for all you anglophiles. Really cool!

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