A Million Times



Swedish Design Studio Human since 1982 combined 288 analogue clocks to create this installation of shifting monochrome patterns, forming letters and numbers. This piece is called ‘A Million Times’ for Victor Hunt Designart and features 576 motors which can be controlled via a customized software on an iPad. The two arms of the clocks are slowly dancing around the center revealing hidden figuratives. Together they create a giant display for digital time expression which is a follow-up to the studios smaller clock works. Born in 1982 Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff founded their studio in 2008 and are now working and living in Stockholm. Their claim is to arouse curiosity by creating material hints of how the world might be.

(via iGNANT)


Dave Smith’s “Born and Raised” Album Artwork

Smith: “Working with John on the brief of the artwork, he asked me to include coins, watches, flowers, and ribbons. I had a great start because of his direction and experience in graphic design and knew this would go smoothly. He also has a great eye for detail and design.”

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