Buttermilk, by Jessica Hische


I rarely get the opportunity to use script fonts. My dabbling in the geometric hand has, for the last ten years, been limited to IDs (see Frances Schultz) and Holiday Cards. For the most part, when hand-written fonts are used, I opt instead for the handwriting of calligraphers and illustrators within our network. Actually, the only deviation that I can think of was when we designed the Target Holiday Boat, in NYC’s Chelsea Piers, and that was a gross overuse of House Industries’ League Night (from the House-a-rama collection). And while I still absolutely love that face, which resembles more of  a hoe-down than a bowling jersey, Ms. Hische’s work has always inspired me to get in touch with the feminine fontographer inside of me. Buttermilk, as well, churns this feeling. As a result of my vulnerability in this catharsis, I believe you should buy Buttermilk and as a gift for all your clients prior to the upcoming holiday season, so that they may, in turn, return to you to design their holiday cards and identities.