The Tarot of Chloe


Mike and I finally finished the tarot cards we created for Tina for her birthday. There’s 79 illustrations of which I did roughly 40, ranging in theme from biblical to greek legend to cartoonistic to shakespeare to modern…

The deck is called “The Tarot of Chloe” based on Tina’s alter-ego and will be printed duplex on ultra-white cardstock and wrapped in a black leather carrying case.

Talk about a major undertaking.

Tina has been reading tarot cards since I met her and, strangely, I’ve never requested to have my own reading done. I think its because I respect the cards, and her skill, but prefer the whole ignorance-is-bliss mentality. Regardless, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of tarot cards. My mom said her childhood friend used to be able to do readings with a standard deck of 52 cards. HBO’s Carnivale featured a sexy little Sophie (Clea DuVall) whom I once saw drinking coffee in a Parisian café performing eerie readings to the rest of the cast while her catatonic mother watched on. I’m certain that nearly everyone has some mental picture of the 10 of Swords; a man laying in a field with dozens of swords sticking obliquely out of his chest.

Well, there’s actually 79 cards, of which I drew and inked about half. Mike did the remaining half. We hoped to have these printed duplex on ultra-white cardstock and fitted into a black leather carrying case for Tina’s birthday. With any luck, we’ll have them printed and finished within the next two weeks.

Download The Tarot of Chloe (PDF)
Includes: PDF of The Tarot of Chloe, a series of tarot cards illustrated by Don and Mike Citarella.

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