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flash_cs3_63×63.gifAfter much deliberation as to how to get the Flash File Uploader to work correctly in Safari on Macs, Mike and I decided to redevelop the filetype authorization to work with both file extensions as well as MIME types. This means that if the Uploader can distinguish filetypes, it will continue as before. If the filetype is returned as undefined, the Actionscript looks to the file extension to deem authorization.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it does create a security hole for users. Anyone wanting to upload malicious files may now simply change the extension of their virus and the PHP and Uploader treat it as benign. This is why my previous disclaimer still should be read, understood, and agreed to prior to downloading the .zip file with the Flash Uploader Installation Files. I don’t want anyone coming back to me with issues of malicious files on their server. Please, install at your own risk.

That being said, the New Flash File Uploader now has some pretty fun new features, aside from working in Safari. Below the uploader, there is a list of files that have been uploaded with a toggle to auto-thumbnail images on the server and display all information provided in the id3, MIME types and other metadata information. Movies won’t auto-thumbnail unless your host allows you to install FFmpeg on their server, where many won’t allow this (Cirtex does!) because of server load restrictions. Also, the index.php and Flash FLA file are both constructed so that you can skin them easily and quickly to match your application/site design.

Note that I can’t, unfortunately, suppress the alert that says “A flash script on this page is causing problems…” because it’s controlled by the browser and plug-in, and if you do click “Yes” to cancel the script, your large uploads will hang. Also, some of the tutorial on the following link may be a little outdated because of the new modifications to the script.

Special thanks goes out to Mike for taking over this project, which has already been retooled and sold to a number of clients as well as generated a ton of emails and comments from donline and era404 readers.

Enjoy! Comments and feedback always welcome.

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