Color Me Badd

Ignoring the reference to the ’80s band that rocked your world with such hits as “I Adore Mi Amor” and “All 4 Love“, here’s a few great color sites I recently dug up in a Communication Arts.

modIn The Mod
It doesn’t get much geekier than an algorithmic analysis of the color palettes used by artists ranging from Josef Albers to Andy Warhol. While statistical analysis combined with Flash 8’s pixel-level color capabilities may contribute to a deeper understanding of color, it will do little to explain the genius of Jackson Pollock. Designers who wish to reduce the thousands of colors employed in a work of art to a manageable palette of similar colors can speed up the process using this nifty tool.

loversColour Lovers
This site is a place for advertisers, art directors, product and interior designers to explore the practical applications of color, while keeping their finger on the pulse of worldwide color trends. Visitors can upload their own palettes, search for and share palettes and vote on their favorites. Among the thousands of color schemes presented, there’s one that’s bound to inspire.

mattersColor Matters
This site provides a resource that examines issues driving color in design, business and marketing. When it comes to logo design, brand identity and the consumer purchase process, color is hugely influential. can help you choose wisely.

greyLively Grey
This weblog is an attempt to transmit some of 20+ years the owner’s of professional color experience.

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