My Second Life Character

Yes, I know I’m a geek. But my lure to Second Life is more about interest in marketing and social networking opportunities than the designer to have sleek, pixel-scripted hair (my avatar has freckles, poor muscle tone and pale skin). SL has been featured in CSI:NY and The Office on TV, and in a number of new sci-fi books, and is getting major pushes from the media. The company is making a fortune and I wanted to know why.

Anyway, here’s my avatar.

My Second Life Avatar

My Second Life Avatar

2 Replies to “My Second Life Character

  1. Seeing your avatar is one thing, but without a name, how are we to know if its you we’re seeing out there in the Second Life? How’s ’bout a name?

  2. Unfortunately, I’m hardly ever in there and since they don’t let you choose your last name, I got stuck with that lame one. Look for Lyrek Revnik (named after our CEMS Application––)and that is me.

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