ING DIRECT Privacy Policy

I previously wrote an article about keeping your inbox free of spam (Best Practices to Keep your Inbox, Voicemail and Mailbox Free of Solicitations) that received a bunch of great comments and feedback, on Donline and by email. It seems that a lot of people were interested in how to reduce spam and also were enraged by what lousy practices companies use nowadays to justify sending unsolicited mail and email.

Mike received this great email from ING Direct when NetBank went belly up:


You have come to expect us to do things differently at ING DIRECT, well here’s one more to add to the list—our Privacy Policy. All banks have them, but none is like ours. Our policy asks you to tell us, up front, how we should treat your personal information.Banks have assumed for too long that they can share information about you, and then ask if you mind; requiring you to tell them not to, or “Opt Out” of their information sharing. ING DIRECT will not share your information unless you ask us to, or “Opt-In” to us sharing your information….


Click the image below to see the full notice. God bless you, ING DIRECT. HSBC and, why don’t you take a page from ING’s book and quit your shameful, corporate privacy policy practices…

ING Direct Privacy Policy

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