Pantone Moods in HOW Magazine’s Blog

app_3_36410659303_5249Thanks, Tim, for pointing this out!

Our new application for Facebook (Pantone Moods) has been mentioned in the HOW Magazine design blog.

Here’s what Pantone’s fan page on Facebook said about our application:

Introducing the PANTONE Moods application for Facebook! What color are you feeling today? Fiery red? Sunny yellow? Kinda blue? Let the world know with PANTONE Moods.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to convey your state of mind. Express your mood by selecting the PANTONE Color that best suits your current disposition, and provide a short explanation of why you’re feeling that way. Your color and your explanation will be posted to your wall for your friends to see. Whether you’re a designer, fashionista or just love color, it’s a great way to let people know what’s on your mind!

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