Web Meet Fonts. Fonts Meet Web.


If you’ve been keeping up on the craze to make the web more typographical, you’ve probably seen sIFR and typeface.js. Well, I’m pleased to see the wonderful progress of Cufón, which is my second favorite –ufon after the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

sIFR is/was a way of dynamically overlaying small amounts of text with a flash movie calibrated and scaled to fit on top of the non-embedded text. Quite genius, I must say.

And at the end of the marathon, we see @font-face, which will actually let us embed and use whatever fonts we like in the hopes of making them look identical across browsers and operating systems. MSIE currently lets us embed fonts, but what fun is that if the technology won’t play well with others?

Cufón is a little different. Rather than using Flash, it lets you generate a cross-browser/cross-platform web-ready font and embed it as you would any other asset. Then, using JQuery or traditional Javascript, you replace the small amounts of text with dynamically-generated images created by Cufón. Whhhaaaaaatttt?

Yes, I know. I feel it too, brother.

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