Sensory Integration

My mom forwarded me the below statistics and, while I’m unable to validate them or find any proof that they’re correct, I still find them fascinating. If anyone else knows something about this, please feel free to interject.

  • ­The brain needs movement every 20 minutes or it starts to disengage.
  • ­The child’s brain needs vestibular movement (spinning, twirling, rocking) in order to develop properly.
  • ­Brains that developed after 1980 are often referred to as the “digital brain”. These brains have developed completely different from brains that developed prior to the electronic explosion.
  • ­Brains developed prior to 1980 are able to problem solve and apply knowledge stronger than digital brains.
  • ­Digital brains (after 1980) are able to multi-task stronger than brains developed prior to 1980.

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