screenshot12May I just take a moment to vent my extreme frustration with the Facebook Developers API? Cardinal rule of development that you should change the public interface unless it’s a last resort. Facebook, who has made a practice of changing their API almost regularly, has got its application developers jumping through hoops just to keep old projects functioning properly.

Now, with a number of FB Appz under our belts, we’re spending most of our time updating deprecated code instead of creating new pieces. As a result, many of my programmers have vowed to withdraw from the race, claiming that Facebook is over the hill anyway, past its prime and their unreliable infrastructures have pushed them to Twitter and Google Friend Connect (the social network behind the curtain).  And when clients would supposedly be asking for Phase II and III of applications built last year, they’re simply asking for fixes (if you can call them that) for Phase I.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Go here and search for words like: changed, changing, confusing, broken, updated and, of course, help!
Oh, and if you’ve missed the terrible pun in my headline denoting the impending rant:

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