Smiles Auto-Awesomed

Auto-Awesome Smile

Google Plus Photos now offers a new form of auto-awesome, their service best known for adding snow to winter photos, sparkles to Christmas tree lights, and turning successive photos into animated gifs. This one is called “Smile” and it truly lives up to its name.

Smile looks for photos with people positioned identically and analyzes their smiles. If it finds smiles that are better (using their secret smilegorithm) in the various photos, it creates a new photo and merges the best smiles together.

My initial inclination was that it would run just as poorly as most red-eye removal filters, where something just seems off about the photos. I was wrong.

Below are two photos taken recently at a wedding in Sonoma. Above, you’ll find Google’s new photo created from the best smiles in the images below. Give it a try yourself by uploading various photos of you and your friends smiling and/or not smiling in photos. I’d love it if you can share your findings as well.

Original Photo #2 Original Photo #1

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