2 Replies to “New York City in 1911, by Svenska Biografteatern

  1. Hi Don:
    It took me awhile to get to this but I’m sure glad I did. How cool! Best of all, there’s no droning, voice-over intruding on the viewer’s reaction. The auditor is left only with the images and the personal perspectives activated by them. For instance, 1911 was but one year prior to when both my parents were born. In an oblique sense that single fact put me inside the footage. Again, how cool! Thanks,

  2. I agree. In fact, I can do you one better. On Juin [sic] 14th, 1911, my great grandmother arrived in Ellis Island aboard the SS Venezia, according to this ship manifest: http://citarella.net/documents.htm

    I imagined seeing NYC through her eyes many times. This footage helped me auto-correct my imagination.

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