Typical Americans by State, by Sara Thompson on Midjourney

Recently, a writer at BuzzFeed, Sara Thompson, decided to see what would happen when she asked Midjourney what a typical person from each American state looked like (AImericans?). These are the three from the states I’ve lived in, but you can see all 50, here.

Why does Indiana seem the only state that’s happy?

(via @mymodernmet.com)

Buzzfeed Mention

Hoboken Police Car Fail

I was excited to see one of my articles was linked on Buzzfeed. While I didn’t take the photo, i’m happy to once again bring Hoboken to the world’s attention. Now I’m wondering the repercussions of linking my name/blog with an article titled “25 People Who Suck at their Jobs.”

If the original photographer is reading this, this honor is yours. Excellent photo, fellow Hobokenite!

Side-note: One of my old sketches was also linked on a porn site.