Return to Temple Bar

Temple Bar - 2005Temple Bar - 2013


In June of 2005, I enjoyed a Black and Black (Guinness with two shots of espresso) at Temple Bar in Temple Bar—Dublin’s much older version of NYC’s Greenwich Village, riddled with tourists and students from the nearby Trinity University, which is, in turn, Dublin’s version of the much older NYU. The final swig of the drink was captured digitally by Mike, and somehow made it’s way to NewsToday and QBN design forums and their insidious PSBs.

Two weeks ago, I returned to Temple Bar and Mike thought it would be fun to recreate the photo from 8.5 years before. Above are the two pictures side-by-side. Below is an animated gif created by Google Plus’s “auto-awesome” feature. In all three photos, I’m in dire need of a good shave and notice my default wardrobe (V-neck black T-shirt) hasn’t changed much over the decade:

Temple Bar - Auto-Awesomed