Temptation Behind a Trucker’s T

I wrote Temptation Behind a Trucker’s T in high school too, based on a neighborhood in New Jersey where I spent my elementary school years. While the plot may be pretty trite, it provides a pretty solid description of growing up in the mid-80s in suburban America.

The Premise
Two kids encounter the devil on their walk to pick up a gallon of milk.

Download Temptation Behind a Trucker’s T (PDF)
Includes: PDF of Temptation Behind a Trucker’s T, a short story.

The Arena

This short story Mike and I wrote together in high school. Looking back through it now, I actually have no idea what he wrote and what I did. We wrote the story with no idea where it would go and learned more and more about the plot as we passed it back and forth.

In college, Mike enrolled in a Television Production program at WMU and decided to shoot this for his thesis project. He got a standing ovation from the packed auditorium on its Opening Premiere.

Interestingly enough, it was based on this little structure, here.

The Premise
An aspiring actress and her boyfriend stumble on a mystical structure when a classmate is found dead in the middle of a field. The Arena, as they call it, changes their lives forever.

Download The Arena(PDF)
Includes: PDF of The Arena, a short story by Don and Mike Citarella.

The Change

VieusagiThe Complex and The Arena (which I wrote with Mike). You’ll probably also notice that there’s a hint of a political satire in there.

The Premise
A post-apocalyptic town deals with rebuilding their society based on three rules: 1) There will be no science. 2) There will be no family. 3) There will be no talk of “The Change”.

Download The Change (PDF)
Includes: PDF of The Change, a short story by Don Citarella.