Flash File Uploader v3.0 – Custom Upload Directories


A number of posters on Donline have left comments requesting that the Flash File Uploader allow for users to specify a specific directory for the uploaded files. In the past, the uploader hardcoded the directory for uploads to be “/files”, with thumbnails automatically going into a newly-created child folder called “/.s/” (the auto-thumbnailing option was added in Version 2).

Some minor modifications to the Flash FLA, index.php and upload.php were made to enable users to specify their own directories for file uploads. Naturally, this opens up a security breach as wily coders can point to unspecified directories outside the current folder, if those directories are writeable. Hopefully, this won’t become an issue for you, but I’m requiring all users of the scripts to still read and accept my disclaimer before proceeding.

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The Guardian

The Guardian is a movie script that I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s in its second draft right now and I’m trying to figure out when I’ll have time to revamp it to a more polished format.

I was looking into the idea of putting it on Trigger Street to get some feedback from the other amateur scriptwriters on there, but was a little leary about their copyright policy. At first glance, it looked like anything you published to their site, even for just feedback, became their property. It sounds a lot like the recent Billy Bragg vs. MySpace fiasco and I just didn’t want to get involved. Besides, Trigger Street (promoted by Kevin Spacey) is owned by Anheusher-Busch … which, I suppose is a step better than it being owned by Coors.

The Premise
An urban youth wakes up from a drug-induced daze to find his younger brother dead. Failing to protect his charge, this guardian takes his life by jumping out of his tenement window. Strange things start to happen when he wakes up a second time to find his brother alive.

Update: January 4, 2007— Thanks to the amazing critique and imagination of Matt Bird (Betsy‘s Wünder-Husband), The Guardian is now in its 3rd draft.

Download The Guardian (PDF)
Includes: PDF of The Guardian, a screenplay by Don Citarella.