Drew Estate Cigar Box Tape

My fascination with cigar boxes spans nearly the length of my life. One of my first pencil boxes in elementary school was a cigar box, though I don’t recall the brand. Through my youth, cigar boxes were stacked on my father’s workbench, corralling errant bolts and unmatched screws, oblivious to the wonders inside. And last weekend at a wedding, the betrothed couple gave gifts to their groomsmen, concealed in elegantly crafted wooden cigar boxes. This wonderment naturally┬áincreased when I found an enjoyment of cigars, it’s true. Though not significantly.

This is a strip of cigar box tape from Drew Estate. You may recognize their name because of their popular brand of Acid cigars. The tape is die-cut to a certain length, like postage stamps, and designed to be cut from a dispenser. Ostensibly, it seals a cigar box to help maintain humidity and prevent tampering and contamination. But the tape unmistakably serves the same purpose as the object it binds: to enhance the beautiful mystique of the cigar box.