Yetis vs. Trolls

Yetis vs. Trolls is actually one of three children’s stories that are incorporated into The Complex. At different times in the novel, different storytellers tell fables about their long-lost ancestors to teach lessons to each other. I was hoping, at some point, to bring these stories together into an anthology and publish it as a fully-illustrated set of children’s fables. That will probably have to wait, I’m sure, until I find the time to tackle the illustration…or maybe I’ll just bug Linc to do it…

The Premise
Old Michigan’s landmasses are split by the swirling Grander Rapids, protecting the peninsulas from their state-sharing neighbors.

Download Yetis vs. Trolls (PDF)
Includes: PDF of Yetis vs. Trolls, a short children’s story by Don Citarella.