We Feel Fine

ifeelfine.gif Sep Kamvar, the technical lead of personalization at Google and a Consulting Professor of Computational Mathematics at Stanford University, and his artist friend, Jonathan Harris, designed a pretty cool Java Applet that searches blogs for the phrase “I Feel” and adds the remaining context to a catalogued database. With Harris’s design, the result of We Feel Fine is a trippy visualization of how the world’s bloggers are feeling at any given time. Sub-sort by genre, gender, location, and narrow results to see specific sub-sets of the blogging demographic.

I’ve decided that for the next few posts (or at least until I get bored of it) all my blog postings will incorporate the phrase “I feel” just so I can skew their statistics. The more likely result, however, is that I’m doing exactly what they want and simply contributing to their way-cool site.
Click here to see We Feel Fine.

Kudos, guys. I feel impressed.

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