A Brazilian In NYC

Marceu Filho at The West SideMost of my clients and network of freelancers I’ve never met. Every so often, however, one decides to hop him- or herself onto a plane destined for JFK and visit our little burg of NYC. Marceu Filho (PHP Programmer formerly of Seem) joined us for a few weeks while he was working for a development start-up here in the city. In the short amount of time that he was here, we sutured the untidy national relations between Brazil and the USA over a couple (hundred) beers.

Or, rather, I should say, that I had a few, and he rounded off the hundred in record-breaking time and still was able to conduct himself in a professional manner. I have a newfound respect for the Brazilian populace and their alcohol-intake abilities, and have as such reranked my personal list of countries that can handle their booze.

Brazil, which had formerly not made my top five, has landed nicely at number two, right behind Ireland, and preceeding Russia, Italy and France in that order. Interesting note: In the four or so years that I’ve known Marceu, I’ve never seen him without a beer in his hand. I feel unequipped.

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