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  1. Hi Don,

    I cannot find the step by step instructions in the download and cannot acces them on the link you refered above.

    Could you email please (I cannot acces megaupload also)

    The uploader looks great, but I realy don’t know how to use it.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Don,

    I have a similar request to Kelly back in ’08. Your upload script is working great for large files. Now, I just need to add in two text fields to the index page. I attempted to do this using a form and input boxes, but i cannot get $_POST to work in upload.php. It works great if I comment out the POSTs though. Is there any way I can get some assistance adding TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields to index.php that will POST to upload.php?

    I see that adding my own HTML form will just not work.

    Thanks, and hopefully you still monitor comments on this old post.

  3. Hi Ken, You should be able to just add a textfield and then pass the field value to the GET string the same way the other variables are being passed. If you like, I can point you to an example.

  4. Don,

    When you say add a textfield, do you mean to the flash file? I tried adding a html field and it just woudlnt work with POST nor GET. An example would be appreciated.

    (can you see my email address?)


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