New Action Styles

I got a little tired of the format for External Links, Downloads and Updates, so I decided to create this series of graphics to be used on Donline. This should help with organization of content much better and reduce the number of emails from n00bs asking me how they can download files, writings and actionscript examples.

Click the image on the top left to see, in order from top to bottom, the new graphics for: External Links, Downloads and Updates.

2 Replies to “New Action Styles

  1. Hi,

    I got your great flash uploader! But how can I change the allowed filesize and spcify filetypes like .ai .psd

    The Netherlands

  2. Hi Marcel, Thanks for the compliment. Find the following line in the FLA:

    switch (typesArray[i]) {

    And add the following code after it:

    case “build” :
    var buildTypes:Object = new Object();
    buildTypes.description = “Build Files (*.ai, *.psd, *.indd, *.eps)”; (You can add whatever extensions you want)
    buildTypes.extension = “*.ai; *.psd; *.indd; *.eps”;
    exts.push(“ai”, “psd”, “indd”, “eps”);

    Republish the flash.

    Then, in the index.php file that holds the flash, change the types variable to either:

    fo.addVariable(“types”, “build”);

    or add it to a list of suitable types:

    fo.addVariable(“types”, “video|text|pdf|image|audio|build”);

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