Flash File Uploader – Ïñtèrñàtíðñàl Çhàråçtêrs


A [d]online reader pointed out my ethnocentricity recently, in that the Flash File Uploader, which I’ve offered for free for years, did not include any functionality for retaining accents for international characters.  This has been fixed and re-uploaded in a new .rar file of this project. For your convenience, the link is the same as the last one.

Comments and feedback always welcome. Thanks again, Mike, for the assistance and to [d]online commenter, Gerald, for pointing this to my attention.

4 Replies to “Flash File Uploader – Ïñtèrñàtíðñàl Çhàråçtêrs

  1. I have one request.
    Can i have the modified fla+swf so that i could upload any type of file?
    (As requested before by Narsil)

  2. I have second request.
    Can you add multiple file upload?
    I used this for personal. Thanx

  3. Hi Luke, I’ve replaced the .RAR file with a new .fla, index.php and upload.php. simply put “all” in the Flash Variable array and you’ll have an option to upload all files. As for your second question, this uploader is not built to upload multiple files and, while it wouldn’t be difficult to just loop through an array of files to upload, I’m choosing not to do so for the simple reason that it’s more versatile as-is for [d]online readers.

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