Network Solutions is Utter Garbage

Exhibit A. A simple request to remove credit card information is followed by an error, an insultingly vague/worthless reason, and a prompt to buy new domains instead.

“I’ve got a wonderful idea,” says some jackass at Network Solutions. “Everyone seems to be leaving us for GoDaddy, so I have a three-part plan to make sure people stay:

1. Change the name of all of our products to no longer make sense.

2. Make our web site so convoluted, so pointlessly ineffective, that users cannot cancel our services and perform simple tasks like remove credit card information from accounts.

3. Sprinkle random errors throughout our site so that even those with the patience or aptitude to navigate the ridiculous process flows cannot even perform basic tasks.

Exhibit B. A service cancellation email to Network Solutions’ “Help Center” through their contact form returns a vague/worthless error.

And, as a final “screw you” to the former customers we’ve vellicated to perform mass exodus, let’s spatter the site error messages with irritatingly antiquated humor to show that there isn’t one professional employee left on this sinking ship. In a post from over a year ago, I foretold Network Solutions (netsol) enacting the above three-part plan.

To a company still charging $45/yr for domains (or nsAddresses, or whatever ridiculous thing you’ve decided to call them nowadays) compared to GoDaddy’s $7.95, it’s no wonder seasoned professionals are following Bob Parsons like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Network Solutions: You’re entire business model is to blame for your undoing. Show some dignity and die with a little bit of pride.

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  1. Unrelated: Remember when ppl used to flaunt domains registered like notches on a bedpost? I think maybe migrations-away-from-NS might communicate more, nowadays.

  2. Hi Don,
    I work for Network Solutions. Getting an error while performing simple online tasks is definitely not the experience we want any customer to go through. Our apologies. Not sure what happened here and we want to investigate the errors you got and get this resolved as well. Please send us the details to listen at .


    Shashi Bellamkonda

  3. Don,

    You are 100% correct. And Shashi, I hope you don’t still work for such a horrible company.

    I’ve had non-stop issues with them since starting my current job. They can’t help, they constantly put the workload on the customer (i.e. Emails aren’t working, ask the recipient to add you to a white-list) it’s like wtf? I’ve had some of their support team help me complete a task via chat, and others say they couldn’t help me with the exact same task via chat for security reasons?!

    They do nothing for you except take your money. I would recommend not building a website if hosting with NetSol is your only option.

  4. Thanks, Jay. I appreciate not only seeing that my viewpoint is reinforced, but also that I’m not the only one that has decided not to tolerate it anymore.

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