Random Musings V

Fairey Mural

How am I only now hearing about this? What is wrong with my artsy friends that live/work in Manhattan not cluing me in to the controversy surrounding this. You’re all on probation until I find a more reliable group. Sheesh…

More info ยป

STOP SprintFreeMsg

If you’re as sick as I am of receiving “SprintFreeMsg” SMS advertisements on your phone, it’s actually quite easy to remove yourself from their list. Simply text STOP, in all caps, back to the solicitor (2222) and you’ll receive a notification that you’re removed from their spam lists (Note: I’m not certain why the messages appear out of order on my phone, but my reply was sent before their response). Now, I cannot assure you that this simple action won’t automatically add you to a host of other spam lists, as unsubscribing from certain newsletters online may do, but I can ensure that you won’t receive ads from Sprint anymore.

It’s curious that a company that already gets $100 from me each month is interested in making MORE money by sending ads to my phone. When did corporate reputability slip this low and is there any way to revert to the days when they cared about your happiness?

I like the part where he says “pizza”

Check out this curious ad for Google Voice Search.

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