Porcelain Beauty, by Yulia Taits

Continuing Yulia Taits’ photo project showcasing people with albinism, “Porcelain Beauty 1” and “Porcelain Beauty 2,” they decided to delve into the study of artificial intelligence to help them fulfill her dream of expanding the project’s scope to include people of all ages, races and nationalities.

See all the AI-generated images on their site:

The Simpsons, by Princess Prompt

A photographer and graphic designer created a set of mind-blowing AI images of The Simpsons using the very latest text-to-image technology.

“I wanted to test the new features of the latest version of Midjourney,” Princess Prompt explains. “I decided to start with The Simpsons’ characters because I’m a fan and especially because they all have a very defined look with very light colors and accessories that are their own.”

(via PetaPixel)