Dodge goes Faithless

I don’t know if Dodge is a fan of the British electronica band, Faithless, or if they simply shop at the same stock audio store, but, as I tried to ignore their latest commercial during the CBS primetime line-up, something felt weirdly familiar.

I’ve liked Faithless since college and have found their Ir/Reverance disks to be the best. At the top of the list are the songs “Don’t Leave” and “Angeline”. The below sample clip was taken from Angeline.

Dodge Caravan Ad

Angeline – by Faithless

Graphics by Alexis Mark

Above is the work of British-born graphic designer and illustrator Alexis Marcou. I absolutely love his style, sense of energy and motion, and even the font (original?).  I found this on Daily Art Press and there are a number of other renderings worth a moment of your time.