Hero’s Canon

Betsy Bird (nee Ramsey), with whom Mike and I particpated in a plethora of CYT events, has a knack for writing. So our senior year of high school, we all contributed on pieces of a quasi-musical-farce-thingamajig called “Hero’s Canon.” My favorite part was that the townspeople sing the plot. How great is that?

The Premise
Scapin meets Taming of the Shrew

Download Hero’s Canon
Includes: PDF of Hero’s Canon, by Don and Mike Citarella and Betsy Ramsey Bird.

MacBeth Revisited

When we were in high school, Mike and I wrote and directed our version of Shakespeare’s bloodiest work…for the youth program at our local theatre (and stage-managed by the talented Betsy Bird). I know what you’re thinking, but I promise we’re not macabre loons. This was a farce of the original work which raised a record-high $600 for the Civic Youth Theatre.

It was so successful, in fact, we co-wrote a sequel the following year (MacBeth Revisited Revised) with a fellow CYT actor (Bob Warpehoski).

The Premise

The Thane of Fife
He had a Wife
Took a Knife to Duncan’s Life
That’ll End his Strife
Our Poor King
With The Angels Doth Sing
Felt a Sting
When we Unsheathed that Thing

Download MacBeth Revisited (PDF)
Includes: PDF of MacBeth Revisited, a comedic farce of The Scottish Play.