Lady Mac Illustration

ladymacI either have a very low opinion of Lady MacBeth, or am somewhat obsessed with her presence. In highschool, I was in three productions of The Scottish Play and co-wrote two satires (MacBeth Revisited, MacBeth Revisited Revised). I’ve seen the show a number of times and find myself doodling scenes from it from time to time—including this watercolor on wood painting of her reassuring her tormented husband and convincing him to hide the murder weapons. The latest is this vector drawing of Lady Mac retrieving the daggers from Duncan’s chamber and plotting her next move. Sadistic, wouldn’t you say? Either way, your feedback is certainly appreciated.

MacBeth Revisited

When we were in high school, Mike and I wrote and directed our version of Shakespeare’s bloodiest work…for the youth program at our local theatre (and stage-managed by the talented Betsy Bird). I know what you’re thinking, but I promise we’re not macabre loons. This was a farce of the original work which raised a record-high $600 for the Civic Youth Theatre.

It was so successful, in fact, we co-wrote a sequel the following year (MacBeth Revisited Revised) with a fellow CYT actor (Bob Warpehoski).

The Premise

The Thane of Fife
He had a Wife
Took a Knife to Duncan’s Life
That’ll End his Strife
Our Poor King
With The Angels Doth Sing
Felt a Sting
When we Unsheathed that Thing

Download MacBeth Revisited (PDF)
Includes: PDF of MacBeth Revisited, a comedic farce of The Scottish Play.