Let Him Retrogress

I started writing “Let Him Retrogress” while I was dating a theatre major. Consequently, when we broke up I also lost interest in this play.

The Premise
Two couples, growing weary of the stasis of their relationships, react differently. While one couple moves forward with their lives, the other couple moves backward—from the break-up to the day they met—to show how relationships deal with routine.

Download Let Him Retrogress (PDF)
Includes: PDF of Let Him Retrogress, an unfinished play about relationship stasis.

Monopoly of the Mind

I wrote this play when I was sixteen, which explains a lot of the fart jokes and dated humor. It was produced once in New York City at the Variety Café in the Rockefeller Center. That sounds a lot more impressive than it really was. If you’re interested in performing it at your school’s theatre program, give me a call and we’ll discuss options—which would probably only be a small donation and two free tickets.

The Premise
Inside your head there are a bunch of emotions swirling around, all trying to take control of “The Body.” When an emotion starts gaining too much power in the mind, a monopoly is created. The mind’s moderator is Reason who dutifully tends to the natural balance that prevents neuroses and personality disorders. That verbose little bugger is really just hoping that people start listening to reason…

Download Monopoly of the Mind (PDF)
Includes: PDF of Monopoly of the Mind, a rough, unformatted draft.

Download Monopoly of the Mind (PDF)
Includes: PDF of Monopoly of the Mind, a formatted final draft.