Facebook Moleskine Sketchbook

Facebook Moleskine SketchbookI think I’m going to make a Facebook Moleskine Sketchbook for myself, and people like myself, who would rather draw caricatures of friends rather than read the banal, tiresome updates of real friends. The illustrations in this mock-up were pulled from old sketchbooks, as well as a line drawing of the Red, White & Bubbly, in Brooklyn. The status and life events by my fictitious friend, Walter Sobchak, were pulled from IMDB’s listing on The Big Lebowski.


NBC Universal Milestones Timeline

Broadway Video Senior Designer, Katherine Burke, approached my company (ERA404) to develop the ActionScript 3 interface for NBC Universal‘s 5-Year Anniversary project, entitled “Milestones.” The site, designed by Ms. Burke, is hosted on NBCUni.com and linked from NBC.com, NBCUni.com and UniversalStudios.com. The interface provides a timeline for users to chart NBC Universal’s major achievements over the past five years.


Let Him Retrogress

I started writing “Let Him Retrogress” while I was dating a theatre major. Consequently, when we broke up I also lost interest in this play.

The Premise
Two couples, growing weary of the stasis of their relationships, react differently. While one couple moves forward with their lives, the other couple moves backward—from the break-up to the day they met—to show how relationships deal with routine.

Download Let Him Retrogress (PDF)
Includes: PDF of Let Him Retrogress, an unfinished play about relationship stasis.