Emoji Paintings, by ND Stevenson

This artist recreated famous paintings using only emoji. Any you recognize?

Stevenson: I cannot tell you how or why, but at some point a few years back I discovered that Instagram Stories not only allows you unlimited emojis, it ALSO allows you to enlarge them to an apparently infinite degree. Thus, a very strange new hobby was born. As far as I can tell, I am the inventor of this art form, since I am a genius and everyone else has a life.

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Porcelain Beauty, by Yulia Taits

Continuing Yulia Taits’ photo project showcasing people with albinism, “Porcelain Beauty 1” and “Porcelain Beauty 2,” they decided to delve into the study of artificial intelligence to help them fulfill her dream of expanding the project’s scope to include people of all ages, races and nationalities.

See all the AI-generated images on their site:

Faux Facades, by Patrick Commecy

Patrick Commecy, together with his team, creates huge murals of hyper-realistic facades that bring blank and boring city walls to life.

What’s interesting here is that while these realistic yet fake facades trick you at first glance, some of the people painted there were once real. Commecy often paints many notable people from the history of the town the mural is in.

There are some great videos on his site of the creation of these pieces.

The Simpsons, by Princess Prompt

A photographer and graphic designer created a set of mind-blowing AI images of The Simpsons using the very latest text-to-image technology.

“I wanted to test the new features of the latest version of Midjourney,” Princess Prompt explains. “I decided to start with The Simpsons’ characters because I’m a fan and especially because they all have a very defined look with very light colors and accessories that are their own.”

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Snowflakes, by Alexey Kljatov

Macro snowflakes by Alexey Kljatov, each unique in their own way. Which are your favorites?

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