Reconstructed Roman Emperors, by Haround Binous

Haroun Binous, an artist from Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, is bringing the emperors back to life in a series of hyper-realistic illustrations. Combining facial recognition AI, Photoshop, and historical references, Binous is reviving all the Roman emperors, from Augustus to Valentinian III.

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The Art Institute of Chicago Public Domain Collection

The Art Institute of Chicago has announced a redesign of its website, which entails the opening of its digital archive to the masses. Now, anyone will be able to download, print, or use its new public domain collection of 52,438 artworks and counting. Read more

Liu Xue’s Humanimal Sculptures

Chinese Sculpter Liu Xue created a beautiful series of human-animal hybrids that he calls “We Are The World.” Most feature obese caricatures of bald men supported under the legs of walruses, bull frogs and pigs. Others include lithe contortionists with bird legs, and a wispy crooked man shrugging over a poised greyhound body.

The entire set of 63 photos is here, and I’ve included my favorite shots above.

Matchstick Men

matchstick_08 matchstick_01

German artist Wolfgang Stiller created the ‘Matchstickmen’ using head molds that he had laying around his studio. The giant matchsticks created of thick pieces of lumber are standing or lying in the room. The faces are all different and meant to look as if they simply emerged in the wood after burning each flammable tip.

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Takahiro Iwasaki

Japanese artist Takahiro Iwasaki creates sculptures from the unexpected materials like electrical tapes, toothbrush bristles or towels. His recent works like “Floating Reflected Temples” (below) made of Japanese cypress exhibited on The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak (a mountain in Hong Kong) on a roll of vinyl electrical tape by the artist Takahiro Iwasaki. Read more