Buzzfeed Mention

Hoboken Police Car Fail

I was excited to see one of my articles was linked on Buzzfeed. While I didn’t take the photo, i’m happy to once again bring Hoboken to the world’s attention. Now I’m wondering the repercussions of linking my name/blog with an article titled “25 People Who Suck at their Jobs.”

If the original photographer is reading this, this honor is yours. Excellent photo, fellow Hobokenite!

Side-note: One of my old sketches was also linked on a porn site.

Optimum Online v. Verizon FiOS

Ever since FiOS lines were installed in Hoboken, Verizon has been fairly aggressive about getting people to switch over from Optimum. They were in the middle of a massive lawsuit that year—over a free flat-screen TV offer, phone bill cramming, pension cases, or something…who can keep track?—and they still had people going door-to-door at least once a month. Read more

4G in NYC

This is the first day my HTC Evo has allowed me to connect to the 4G network in both Manhattan and Hoboken. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited, though I haven’t seen much of a difference yet. So far, my favorite part was to be able to rub it in Zeh‘s face as his Nexxus One isn’t 4G capable.

Strange Cargo

When I travel to far-off lands, I’m bemused by the oddity, the other-worldliness of ordinary grocery market shelves, where indigenous patrons must think I’m insane. I remember quite distinctly a flock (troupe? herd?) of Swiss interns—colleagues at my first dot-com gig out of college—marveling over an entire aisle of white bread. Personally, I thought they were verrückt. However when I spent a vacation in Bërn, I clearly couldn’t find one loaf of wonder bread at the nearest Coop or Migros. Read more