Random Musings VI


Hashtags on Facebook

Stop using hashtags on Facebook

Where’s Andre?

Where's Andre?

I figure nobody is going to get this joke except for Sara, unless you’re into fashion or like bad reality television.

Google Pince-Nez Project

Pince Nez

Please help me to attain funding for my Kickstarter campaign aimed at re-protoyping Google Glass to the ever-fashionable Pince-Nez. I truly believe that in order for such a ground-breaking, life-changing product to become successful among tweens and techies of today, we must root it firmly in the timeless accessory style popularized by Teddy Roosevelt, Anton Checkhov,  Francisco de QuevedoBram Stocker’s Dracula, Scrooge McDuck, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, The Matrix’s Morpheus, uber-stylish Sonic the Hedgehog villain, Doctor Eggman, and, naturally, Professor Tofty, Wizarding Examinations Authority Proctor at Hogwarts. 


Pince Nez


Pince Nez



Random Musings III

Sir, this area is just for waiting

After just having returned from a month researching my family in Italy (we were able to trace our family back to 1200 when previously we couldn’t get past 1860), I noticed the prevalence of the green man over The States’ preference for the red word “Exit”. But I also saw a number of signs that I felt were funny. Here’s one for the “waiting area” of an airport. In a place where iconography is especially important due to so many international speakers around, I initially thought this was a sign for the bathroom.

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Random Musings I

Over the last few weeks, at odd hours, I was thinking of a few things that I couldn’t quite categorize into a blog post, but wanted to get out of my head. SO I think 2010 will be the year that I begin a subcategory of  Miscellaneous called Math.Random(). These will probably contain design-related thoughts, questions and micro-rants, as well as images of products, signage and brands that I felt were worth mentioning, but not weighty enough to merit their own post. Get a Tumblr, I’m sure you’re saying. And, you’re probably right. I have a Posterous (now defunct) account as well as a FFFFound (also defunct) and Dropular (yep, defunct as well) account, but I just can’t see myself committing enough time to using them regularly. I’m sure, others find them useful, but to me, it’s just one more thing. Y’know? Anyway, on with it.

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