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Today I was thinking a little bit about how often I enjoy creating promotional pieces and advertising for different companies and how much gratification I get from the process. In fact, I find that my mind is always wandering over what a company “could” do to generate renewed excitement, attention and memorable memes for their brands.

Then I thought that rather than simply focusing on my clients’ brands—which requires me to turn off and on my creative thinking, as well as limit the ideas to a specific brand—maybe it would be a good idea to put together a tumblr filled with entirely spec advertisements and campaigns. This way, I hone my idle thoughts to be more simple, elegant and creative and keep the ideas coming at all times. I think not only will this help me to provide stronger strategy and creative for my clients in the future, but it’ll also be gratifying in my off-hours.

Above is the first concept for the tumblr for Martini’s Extra Dry Gin. I don’t believe in explaining advertising concepts as they should be self-evident. If you don’t get it, however, you’re welcome to comment and/or drop me a line. My goal with this project is to see a visible progression in creative thinking, wittiness and design as the tumblr continues.

Visit the tumblr here:

[d]online Spec Ads

As a final post-script, I should note that both donline.tumblr.com and donline.posterous.com are taken by, seemingly, squatters. Ah well, you can’t win them all.




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