Target Benchmarks Central Park Illustrations

In archiving old era404 projects, I just came across these twenty illustrations I created in 2003 for the Target Benchmarks Central Park event at Christie’s Auction House in the Rockefeller Center. The event was an auction to raise money for the Central Park Conservancy and produced/designed by Rand Burrus of Phoenix Event Productions. Each illustration was enlarged and reproduced on colossal 8′ x 8′ canvases to provide the backdrop for each of the benches being auctioned. In fact, after the bench auction was over, they began to auction off the illustrations too!

My last forays into illustrating for clients were for the Global Investment Literacy project and the Brooklyn Wine Company Sparkling White Wine Label. Target Benchmarks Central Park was a fun project and a chance to contribute artistically to a good cause. More information about the event can be found on the era404 website, here.

NBC Universal Milestones Timeline

Broadway Video Senior Designer, Katherine Burke, approached my company (ERA404) to develop the ActionScript 3 interface for NBC Universal‘s 5-Year Anniversary project, entitled “Milestones.” The site, designed by Ms. Burke, is hosted on and linked from, and The interface provides a timeline for users to chart NBC Universal’s major achievements over the past five years.


Sketchbook 3


Well, another year and I’ve got another sketchbook to show for it. I don’t know if you got a chance to see the previous sketchbook 1sketchbook 2, or the illustrations I did for the global investment project, or the illustrations I created to accompany my short story, “The Change“, or the tarot cards that we created for Tina’s birthday. If you didn’t, have a look. Anyway, enjoy these sketches too. The photos didn’t come out so well so I might try again when I have more time. Read more

Baggins. Shire.

Katherine sent this link, which I thought was funny/interesting enough to repost on [d]online. I was a late admirer of J. R. R. Tolkien. In 4th or 5th grade, Mike Fishbein read The Hobbitt. All I knew was that he could draw a much better dragon than I could (probably still can). So my 9-year-old mind figured that it must have to do with some secrets he’d gleaned from the Tolkien book. Not understanding most of the words or messages in The Hobbitt, I gave up after three pages.

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