My Minority Report Interface is Coming…

Back in September 2005, I was interviewed by Communication Arts about our site, Who is Augustine, for Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated. The final question of the interview was about my dream computer set-up, to which I promptly replied: “I’m looking into getting one of those translucent screens that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report. If anyone notices them on the market in the next century, please drop me a line.”

It looks like the software is coming from Leap Motion. Now I just need to speak with Paul Bettany about providing the automated voice for my Jarvis.


Overdue Casualties of the Recession

Over the last year, a lot of the way we promote ourselves has changed. The latest casualty in this transition is Creative Hotlist, a paid service provided by Communication Arts.

As you probably remember from previous posts, I’ve whittled my periodical subscriptions from six down to two: HOW and Step Inside Design. Other than the recession itself, there are numerous reasons for this decision. Ultimately the choice was made based on one simple word: value. Read more