56 Months of Pantone Moods

If you haven’t already checked it out, the Pantone Moods Facebook application that was conceived and created by ERA404, has a history and trends tab. The trends tab shows current mood matches, based on color, mood blurb, gender, date/time of submission, and distance from you. It also compares your current mood color and blurb based on gender, location, color match, word match, and frequency. Lastly, it shows global mood trends with the most active gender (female) and color (21-1-7 C), most active location (São Paulo) and color (21-1-7 C), most popular color now (1-1-6 C) and of all time (21-1-7 C), and most popular words (color, blue, feeling, today, happy) and colors (21-1-7 C, 76-1-7 C, 1-1-6 C, 132-1-4 C).

But the reason for this post is that I have almost 5 years of Moods history, showing me not only the color I was feeling, but also the mood blurb (on hover). And together, it makes quite a beautiful palette. Or, as Sara says, “I really think there is some sort of an art project to be had here………”

The moods timeline is quite nice (click for large): Moods Timeline

And reformatting it in Photoshop to be stacked is also quite beautiful: Moods Stacked

I’m hoping one day to convince our clients to sell full color posters of people’s moods histories online, similar to the way you can get your DNA printed and framed on walls.

If you haven’t done so already, I definitely encourage you to install Pantone Moods and start posting moods, history and trends. Paste links to your own moods history artwork/palettes in the comments below.

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