Reconstructed Roman Emperors, by Haround Binous

Haroun Binous, an artist from Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, is bringing the emperors back to life in a series of hyper-realistic illustrations. Combining facial recognition AI, Photoshop, and historical references, Binous is reviving all the Roman emperors, from Augustus to Valentinian III.

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Project Comet

Project Comet

Adobe’s Project Comet, coming in 2016, promises to let us design and prototype websites and mobile apps with the same tool.

More than just allowing for interactive prototypes—which we’ve done with Invision—it also provides functionality to let us update the design (seamlessly with Photoshop and Illustrator) without losing any changes to the prototype, and touts lightning-fast performance with intuitive layout tools.

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Adults Photoshopped Like Toddlers

Young Zeh

A few weeks back, I came across this article on Mashable and shared it with my friend, Zeh. I thought Cristian Girotto, the guy responsible, was pretty talented and wondered if I could do it. Zeh’s response was that we could probably figure it out, but it would take a ton of time. And so, I challenged him. Zeh, being Zeh, naturally accepted. We swapped photos and got to work.

He was right. It took a ton of time. And I don’t think the product is close to the quality of Mr. Girotto’s work. But here’s my version of Young Zeh. Needless to say, I’m excited (and a bit frightened) to see how Zeh’s toddler photo of me comes out.

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Adobe Suite CS5 Tricks – Noble Desktop

I had the pleasure of attending Noble Desktop‘s training of Adobe Suite CS5 on November 8th, so I can learn a bunch of tricks and tips new to more recent versions of Adobe’s famed suite. The hour-long seminar was led by Noble Desktop’s “Dan” who also maintains their site and occasional freelance gigs. Dan skillfully and quickly walked us through a number of features that have been added to the creative suite for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe PhotoShop. Because I currently don’t have the new suite and I know I will forget these tricks shortly, as well as the fact that the AIGA NY event had limited seating and many [d]online readers aren’t members of the AIGA or reside in NYC, I thought It might be nice to share some of these tips with you here while simultaneously documenting them for my failing memory. Read more


Now I did fairly decent at math in high school and college. Senior year of PNHS, I dropped out of calculus to start a TV show for my activity period, rather than carry the ones and distribute irrational numbers. Since then, I keep wondering what sort of amazing magic I could’ve learned had I actually sat through Pete Jarrod’s lectures. In my mind, calculus could teach me to build coral castles and geodesic domes.

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