Random Musings I

Over the last few weeks, at odd hours, I was thinking of a few things that I couldn’t quite categorize into a blog post, but wanted to get out of my head. SO I think 2010 will be the year that I begin a subcategory of  Miscellaneous called Math.Random(). These will probably contain design-related thoughts, questions and micro-rants, as well as images of products, signage and brands that I felt were worth mentioning, but not weighty enough to merit their own post. Get a Tumblr, I’m sure you’re saying. And, you’re probably right. I have a Posterous (now defunct) account as well as a FFFFound (also defunct) and Dropular (yep, defunct as well) account, but I just can’t see myself committing enough time to using them regularly. I’m sure, others find them useful, but to me, it’s just one more thing. Y’know? Anyway, on with it.

Verb, Inc.

I’ve noticed companies that have names that can also be verbs using slogans/taglines that work well with the company name—almost as though they’re playfully creating sentences to increase customer recognition, retention and repetition. I had a whole list in my head, but the ol’ cracker barrel ain’t what it used to be and so I can only remember two now. If the Garmurs are reading this—or anyone else that enjoys researching puns and witticisms—consider this a challenge.
1. Sprint® Ahead.
2. Chase® What Matters.

Any others you can come up with?

Smokey the Unbearable

I saw this product tag on the shelves at A&P and tried to imagine what the product might be. The name, alone, probably strikes fear in the hearts of Californians and might rouse Smoky himself from deep hibernation to bearclaw smack some branding guy out of his Herman Miller Aeron chair. What exactly were they thinking when they came up with the name for this? Sadly, the product was missing (as it’s probably seasonal), but I did manage to find their site.

That’s Not a Lot to ASC

If you haven’t yet played with ASCIIMEO, the cool little site that turns all Vimeo videos to ASCII text, you really need to spend some time there. The first time I saw it, the 12-year-old BBS-lover in me nearly jumped out of my skin like the guy from Montezuma’s Revenge.

That’s enough randomness for today.

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