This is a sketch I created this weekend that I was thinking about submitting to one of those t-shirt contests online. Let me know what you think. If enough people like/comment/share it, perhaps I’ll enter a contest. Otherwise, it was just a fun exercise in drawing and bad punning.




I thought of a funny idea for a t-shirt today that was simple, esoteric and capitalizes on the FML meme that has been creeping across the internet for the last year or so. I googled it, thinking that surely someone else had thought of it first — particularly in the wake of the feature film. To my surprise, it seems original. I doubt I’d be able convince Hanna-Barbera that a kitschy, risqué pun would be worth granting me permission to use their trademark, so I’m publishing it to the web for those who are ambitious enough to do it themselves.

Fun fact: The Smurfs are Les Schtroumpfs in French. 

Random Musings I

Over the last few weeks, at odd hours, I was thinking of a few things that I couldn’t quite categorize into a blog post, but wanted to get out of my head. SO I think 2010 will be the year that I begin a subcategory of  Miscellaneous called Math.Random(). These will probably contain design-related thoughts, questions and micro-rants, as well as images of products, signage and brands that I felt were worth mentioning, but not weighty enough to merit their own post. Get a Tumblr, I’m sure you’re saying. And, you’re probably right. I have a Posterous (now defunct) account as well as a FFFFound (also defunct) and Dropular (yep, defunct as well) account, but I just can’t see myself committing enough time to using them regularly. I’m sure, others find them useful, but to me, it’s just one more thing. Y’know? Anyway, on with it.

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