Random Musings I

Over the last few weeks, at odd hours, I was thinking of a few things that I couldn’t quite categorize into a blog post, but wanted to get out of my head. SO I think 2010 will be the year that I begin a subcategory of  Miscellaneous called Math.Random(). These will probably contain design-related thoughts, questions and micro-rants, as well as images of products, signage and brands that I felt were worth mentioning, but not weighty enough to merit their own post. Get a Tumblr, I’m sure you’re saying. And, you’re probably right. I have a Posterous (now defunct) account as well as a FFFFound (also defunct) and Dropular (yep, defunct as well) account, but I just can’t see myself committing enough time to using them regularly. I’m sure, others find them useful, but to me, it’s just one more thing. Y’know? Anyway, on with it.

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Now I did fairly decent at math in high school and college. Senior year of PNHS, I dropped out of calculus to start a TV show for my activity period, rather than carry the ones and distribute irrational numbers. Since then, I keep wondering what sort of amazing magic I could’ve learned had I actually sat through Pete Jarrod’s lectures. In my mind, calculus could teach me to build coral castles and geodesic domes.

Thanks for the link, Zé.